Gran Canaria Tours

We are a young company with the aim to offer our customers an unforgettable holiday experience.

In addition to the customer satisfaction, the service and the quality of our offers, sustainability is very important for us.

Because of this reason, we have an ethically acceptable management and strive to provide our customers to come back and get to know more of the island.

We work with regional companies and regional products of Gran Canaria at a fair price. The transparency (especially of prices, services etc.) against our customers and business partners is self-evident for us. We make for our customers a reasonable price for all contents, such as transport, IGIC, lunch etc. without hidden costs!

We want to promote the tourism and the region with the highest possible safety and environmental compatibility. Reasonable buses with modern exhaust gas norms, the prevention of garbage and nature conservation are only a few important things till the choice of insurance companies.

tajinasteWe and our partners are against any kind of humandiscrimination based on ethnicity, sexual orientation, nationality, religion or physical limitations. We work with people and for people. For us, humanity is always in the focus.

In dealing with our customers and partners, as well as in the process of constant self-control, we always have an open ear for everyone, whether they are questions, wishes, worries, praise, criticism or other feedback. 

As part of our social engagement, we would like to offer free tours for special guests: Some people suddenly become sick and a cure transcends the limits of medicine. Often affected persons have the desire to visit a certain place again, but it is not possible for them and their familys to fulfill this wish. Here we would like to help volunteers and offer those concerned a nice experience again.